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Learner Centered Education at CSB

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Lasallian education is geared towards the integral human and Christian development of diverse types of learners, and prepares them for responsible participation in the world of work, the family, the community, the wider society, and the local Church. It stresses the importance of synergy, collaboration, and dialogue; and encourages critical and creative thinking, self-knowledge and self-mastery. The learning environment is founded on the belief that each learner is uniquely endowed with God-given talents and gifts that need to be understood, appreciated, and nurtured. As a Lasallian school, the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde espouses and

promotes a culture that puts the learners at its core.


A learner-centered school is committed to seeking answers to the following questions: “What is best for learners? How will learning be most effectively facilitated?” Learner-centered education operates according to what is known about individual learners (their heredity, experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, talents, interests, capacities, and needs) and the learning process (the best available knowledge about learning and how it occurs, including effective teaching practices that promote the highest levels of motivation, learning, and achievement for all learners); and applying this knowledge to improve practice.


In a learner-centered school, education is both a shared mission and a collaborative effort among students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and parents. There is a deep-seated respect for each and every member of this learning community. College students are certainly learners. Faculty are learners, too, as they inquire into the content of their disciplines, and as they develop their instructional, technical, and research skills. Administrators are learners as they enhance their leadership abilities, spearhead curricular directions, and ensure a conducive learning environment. Staff are learners as they seek ways to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, and as they advance their knowledge through continuing education and training. Alumni are learners as they build on the foundation established in their college education and as they continually develop their expertise. Parents are learners as they engage with the College community in promoting the best interest of the students.


As a Lasallian, learner-centered institution, we accompany students in their journeys of faith development and personal transformation, and share with them meaningful learning encounters that will enable them to become among others, creative thinkers, competent professionals and socially responsible citizens. We believe that this kind of educational experience will lead to more sustained and more powerful learning from which students can draw insights and lessons beyond their formal education.


It is our strong belief that in order to optimize learning and effect positive learning outcomes, classes, services, and other relevant activities must reflect the goals of the College. To this end, we are committed to creating learning environments and experiences that allow students to discover and construct knowledge for themselves, with as many options for learning as possible; and providing quality teaching through a pool of faculty who are adequately trained in facilitating learner-centered instruction.


To guide us in our pursuit of this vision, the DLS-CSB adheres to the following principles about learners, the learning process, and the learning environment:


  • To be learner-centered means to learn continuously. A learner has a willful desire to continuously improve and shows an enduring interest to learn. He believes that learning is a lifelong endeavor.
  • To be learner-centered means to evaluate learning experiences. Reflection and evaluation of learning experiences engender further learning.
  • To be learner-centered means to advance synergy and collaboration. A learner knows that learning is a shared mission.
  • To be learner-centered means to respect diversity. A learning environment is supportive if it treats its members equitably and recognizes each individual’s unique gifts.
  • To be learner-centered means to nurture relationships. Sound and positive relationships promote successful attainment of learning goals.


(excerpt from the DLS-CSB Faculty Handbook)


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