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Website Project Brief (Sample)

Page history last edited by Dave Q 11 years, 8 months ago


Brand : Extra Joss (All Variants)
Country : Philippines
Period : August 2008
Activity : EXTRA JOSS Philippines Website Launching
Status : Draft


1. Why do we want new activity?  
  • Extra Joss has driven the market growth and build its dominancy in the energy drink category in Philippines Market
  • For continuing the volume growth and survive the competition, EXTRA JOSS have to expand to other segment, which is young segment and white collar segment.
  • Internet is one of the medium that have grown significantly in terms of usage in Philippines, especially by white collar and young segment. Therefore, it is important to establish EXTRA JOSS presence in this medium.


2. What is the consumer insight?  
  • Although EXTRA JOSS not yet have official website in Philippines, there is already a huge number of consumers in Philippines who testify, giving comments or asking question about EXTRA JOSS in internet (Around 9200 articles about EXTRA JOSS Philippines can be found using Google search engine).
  • Based on the research done by Synovate in Manila (2006), 53% using internet for social networking, and 32% for online games. 10% using it for Join Promo. Other research said that 40% of internet users used it for information search.


3. What is the activation objective?   
Provide EXTRA JOSS Philippines website as a medium to:
  • Strengthen the image of EXTRA JOSS as the most preferable energy drink in Philippines
  • Increase bonding between EXTRA JOSS and consumer.
  • Provide and exchange information about EXTRA JOSS to consumer and non consumer who have interest to know more about the brand.


4. Who is the target audience?   
Internet users in Philippines who already a loyal consumer or have interest to know more about EXTRA JOSS, especially
  • Young segment: M/F, SES BCD, College Student, 15-20 y.o.
  • White Collar Segment: M/F, SES BC, 20-35 y.o.


5. What do the target audience think and do now?   
  • Current consumer already drink EXTRA JOSS/already have interest to drink EXTRA JOSS, but still want to know more about the brand. That is why some of them use internet as one of the medium to seek for information about the brand.


6. What is the behavioral change we like them to do in response to the activity?  
  • The consumers will use the official website as a medium to find and exchange information about EXTRA JOSS, and in the end will strengthen the bonding between consumer and EXTRA JOSS.


7. How does the activity convince them to change?   
  • Launch EXTRA JOSS Philippines website and invite consumer to click it by increasing the awareness of the website through several promotion media.


8. Why should consumer believe it?   
  • Consumers understand that the information that they need/looking for about EXTRA JOSS is coming from the official sources, and can be trusted.


9. List of practical consideration for execution   
  • Execution notes:
    • The design must in a way have a similarity to the current website that EXTRA JOSS has in Malaysia (www.extrajoss.com.my), but in a way have uniqueness on its own.
    • The list of pages required are:
      • ABOUT US
General information about the history of the brand in Philippines and other country.

Detail information regarding product line of EXTRA JOSS in Philippines, the active ingredients and benefit of the product, and FAQ.


General information about news, promotion, and events that supported by EXTRA JOSS


Provide users with EXTRA JOSS TVC, Wallpaper, and other things that users can use for social networking.


Medium for users to giving testimonial or comment regarding EXTRA JOSS. [Note: all the testimonials or comments later on must be screened first before appearing on the websites]


Medium for users to signup as EXTRA JOSS member. Benefit as the member:

  • Member can receive update information from EXTRA JOSS anytime
  • Member can interact with each other in community forum to discuss anything related with EXTRA JOSS.
  • The list of facilities required are:
    • Dynamic website, in order for EXTRA JOSS to update information without relying to the developer
    • Placement of random code for all the content that require input from consumer
    • Page optimizer in order for the website to be presence in the 1st list of the search engine.
    • Web statistic to track the traffic.
  • Agency is challenged to suggest any improvement/additional pages that can improve users experience on accessing the website.
  • The design of the website must open for further improvement in the future, such as:
    • Submitting testimonial with picture/video that will be placed in the website and later on users can votes which one is the best.
    • Online games placement that consumer can play and win a prize.
    • etc


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